Manuel Wisotzky, Internal Auditor

Manuel handles the internal audit and monitors operations and the effectiveness of internal and adherence to laws and regulations.


Prior to joining TAP Japan, Manuel had a 30-year career in banking working for Dresdner Bank and WestLB. For 17 years he worked for WestLB in Japan in commercial and investment banking. His main responsibilities were fund raising for Japanese clients in the corporate and public sector.  He served as the chief representative in Osaka for two years and later as head of WestLB’s securities operations in Japan and Hong Kong. In this capacity, he became a member of the Osaka Stock Exchange and the Japan Securities Dealers Association. He also set up the asset management subsidiary of WestLB in Japan.


Manuel is a German citizen, born and raised in Germany, and living overseas for almost 40 years. Now he is a permanent resident of Tokyo, Japan. He holds a master degree in economics and business administration of the University of Regensburg, Germany.